Colbert Gives Trump Credit For North Korea: ‘Dennis Rodman is Gonna Get The Nobel Peace Prize’

Stephen Colbert took a moment to address the late-breaking news regarding North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un’s invitation to meet with President Trump.

Colbert explained to his audience that the announcement from the White House took place while they began taping the show, which was why it wasn’t addressed in the monologue. He then reacted to the news about the upcoming meeting.

“Wow, this could only mean one thing… Dennis Rodman is gonna get the Nobel Peace Prize,” Colbert quipped. “Michael Jordan doesn’t have the Nobel Peace Prize.”

The Late Show host joked that because North Korea is an “economically-starved country,” the invitation is “BYO Everything.” He then mentioned North Korea would “suspend its nuclear tests,” which Colbert called “progress.”

“They’ve gone from ‘We’ll blow up Guam’ to ‘We pinky swear not to blow up Guam for a few days,'” Colbert continued.

Colbert then told Trump that the would be “happy” to give him credit, but that he should “bring peace to this country first.”

“We’ll finally find out who has the bigger button,” Colbert concluded.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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