Colbert Reacts to Trump’s Transgender Military Ban: ‘Thank You? F**k You’

On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert reacted to President Trump‘s recent policy change of banning transgender people from joining the military.

“I really think he’s off his meds,” he began, “because he went from crazy to cruel.”

He then read Trump’s tweets out loud in his presidential impersonation.

“‘Thank you?'” Colbert reacted. “F**k you.”

“Why the hell would he do this?” he continued. “This isn’t even one of his campaign promises!”

He then invoked Trump’s previous support for the LGBT during the election.

“What the hell does he think the ‘T’ in LGBT stand for? ‘Trope?’ ‘Tomato?'” he joked.

Colbert then mentioned Caitlyn Jenner‘s outrage of the policy change when she tweeted the following:

“Caitlyn, I don’t know if I’m the first person to break this to you,” he responded, “but he is a liar!”

He compared the “firing” of the 15,000 transgender troops by tweet to “your wife divorcing by cookie bouquet.”

Colbert then asked “why Trump was being such a jerk?- besides practice.”

“Probably to try and distract everybody from the fact that ‘repeal’ and ‘replace’ is getting ‘ass’ and ‘kicked,'” he quipped.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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