Colbert Realizes Why The Washington Post Keeps George Will: He’s Black

Colbert Realizes Why WaPo Keeps George Will: He's Black

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert had a thing or two to say about conservative columnist George Will‘s recent assertion that one factor contributing to Barack Obama‘s current lead in the polls is that people are hesitant to “give up on” the nation’s first black president.

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“Black people in this country have gotten one free ride after another,” said Colbert. “Starting with the first one.” He then asked the “one… or all of them” white people in his audience whether a black person had ever thanked them for freeing the slaves. They never have! And that’s so wrong! Just look, for instance, at Will’s example of breaking racial barriers: The Cleveland Indians firing it first black manager. Because nothing says racial sensitivity quite like a team that uses an ethnic group as its mascot.

But Will “screwed the pooch” here in one regard, Colbert noted — he didn’t use special buzzwords like “rhythm,” “exotic,” or “urban.”

In fact, there’s only one reason that Will has remained at the Washington Post for this long… and it’s up to the paper to break racial barriers by firing him immediately.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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