Colbert Refutes Trump: ‘Not All Southerners Are Dumb… Just The Ones Willing To Work For You’


On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert kicked off his monologue by mocking various excerpts from Bob Woodward‘s new book Fear, which he said was named after the emotion President Donald Trump feels “whenever he sees a book.”

Colbert began by having some fun at the expense of Gen. John Kelly, who reportedly said “I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.”

“It won’t be the worst job forever, General,” Colbert told the White House Chief of Staff. “Your worst job will be explaining to your grandkids why you worked for the big orange baby cager.”

The Late Show host took aim at Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd, who reportedly called him a “f**king liar.”

“And if Michael Cohen is to be believed, he also lies about f**king,” Colbert reacted.

Colbert poked fun at Secretary of Defense James Mattis‘s reported remarks for comparing Trump’s understanding of things to a “fifth or sixth grader,” which has inspired the new game show “Are You Smarter Than The President?” the show where “everyone’s a winner.”

He then pivoted to Trump’s attacks towards Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose accent was mocked by the president by calling him a “dumb Southerner” according to Woodward.

“You know what? As a South Carolinian, that is a hurtful stereotype, sir,” Colbert told President Trump. “Not all southerners are dumb… just the ones willing to work for you.”

Colbert also mocked Trump for comparing himself to the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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