Colbert: Republicans Need to Work On Capturing Latino Vote Instead Of ‘Current Strategy Of Capturing Latinos’


On the Colbert Report Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert observed that, now that Mitt Romney is a lock for the Republican nomination, “he has to do something that does not come naturally to him– appeal to voters. Specifically one key ‘demographico’… Republicans will need to work hard to capture the Latino vote instead of their current strategy of capturing Latinos.”

Colbert surmised that Romney would be a natural at connecting with Latinos because his own father was born in Mexico.

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“Yes — his father lived in Mexico until he set out for a better life by driving over the border with young Mitt strapped to the roof of his car,” Colbert said. “Back in 1885, Mitt’s great-grandfather Miles Park Romney emigrated to Mexico to escape religious persecution of Mormons. Sadly, the U.S. government simply would not leave Mr. Romney and his wife, and his wife, and his wife, and his wife, and his wife alone.”

“Romney has such Latino appeal that, according to a Fox News poll, if the election were held tomorrow he would claim a whopping 14% of them,” Colbert continued. “Now, 14% sounds bad, but 16% are undecided. And if Romney works hard and captures them he… would still lose very badly.”

Galvanized by Romney’s paltry Latino support, Colbert sprung into action and got his SuperPAC to put together a political ad that “explains the Republican position on Latino issues in a language they can understand: English with a Spanish accent.”

Watch Colbert’s segment below, via Comedy Central:

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