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Colbert Reveals GOP’s Elaborate Four-Year Obamacare April Fools’ Prank

Stephen Colbert moved confidently past the #CancelColbert debacle last night to take on the other big story of the week: Obamacare. As Colbert reported, the “worst imaginable thing has happened: millions of Americans are going to get healthcare.

After President Barack Obama announced that 7.1 million people have signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, Colbert lamented the fact he could no longer celebrate Obamacare’s massive failure.

Colbert took particular issue with the way Obama accused Republicans of trying to prevent Americans from getting health coverage in his victory lap speech Tuesday. “If voters believe the GOP wants to take away people’s health insurance, then Republicans won’t be able to take over the Senate in November, then how will they take away people’s health insurance?” he asked.

On behalf of conservatives everywhere, Colbert told the American people, “April Fools!” He explained that the GOP’s opposition to Obamacare was nothing more than a “four-year prank.” Why else would America be “the only Western, industrialized nation without access to affordable health care?”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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