Colbert Ribs Trump for Losing Iowa Caucus: ‘You Came in Second? Go F*ck Yourself’

Stephen Colbert broke down the Iowa Caucus on last night’s The Late Show, examining everything from Hillary Clinton‘s serendipitous coin-toss precinct wins, to the fact that everyone’s focus has already been diverted to New Hampshire.

Of course, there was no way Colbert could ignore how Ted Cruz one-uped Donald Trump, and poke a hole in his “I always win” narrative. Even with the mogul’s defeat, Colbert noted how between his unusually-graceful concession speech and everything else, Trump still manages to attract attention.

Colbert supposed that Cruz prevailed over Trump in part because of their sparing on “New York Values,” and noted how NYC-based publications went from burning Cruz to covers like New York Post‘s “Cruz-ified,” and New York Daily News‘ “Dead Clown Walking.”

“Thanks for sticking up for us, Donald,” Colbert said. “Oh, you came in second? Go f*ck yourself.”

As for Trump’s promise that he might buy a farm in Iowa, Colbert guessed what that would be like by treating everyone to Trump’s 56th Emmys “Green Acres” performance… yes, that one.

Watch above, via CBS.

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