Colbert Rips Charlie Rose For His Reported Show on #MeToo Harassers: ‘To Catch Up With a Predator


On Friday night, Stephen Colbert took some shots at the alleged sexual predators who are attempting to salvage their careers.

Colbert began by acknowledging that it’s been six months since the #MeToo movement took off and how some believe it’s time to “forgive and forget.”

“Those people… the men,” Colbert said.

The Late Show host told his audience how disgraced Today Show host Matt Lauer and celebrity chef Mario Batali are reportedly “plotting their comebacks” and how former radio personality Garrison Keillor is already on the road doing shows.

But he then singled out former CBS anchor Charlie Rose for reportedly developing a talk show where he interviews high-profile men swept up by the #MeToo movement.

“I believe the working title is To Catch Up With a Predator,” Colbert joked.

Colbert was puzzled as to what exactly the appeal was to make a show involving such men.

“I just don’t see why anyone would give a show to sexual harassers so they can interview other sexual harassers,” Colbert continued. “We don’t give criminals shows where they interview each other!”

He then noted that the show’s existence has yet been confirmed and that no network, streaming service, or produce is attached to the project.

“Oh, no producer?” Colbert asked “Have they called Harvey Weinstein? I hear he’s got some free time.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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