Colbert Rips Into Poorly-Planned ‘Sausage Fest’ Oregon Occupation


During last night’s episode of The Late Show, Steven Colbert ridiculed the Ammon Bundy-led militants by wondering whether they actually thought through their plan to start a movement by seizing a wildlife refuge.

“I haven’t seen this many angry, bearded men in Oregon since I referred to Blue Moon as a craft beer,” Colbert said. The host also pointed out that even though the men have said at numerous points that they are ready to use their guns and die for their cause, the reactions have received scrutiny on many fronts and a “meh” at best response from the government so far.

“Probably not what the protesters had in mind. That’s like taking over the Alamo and then not being surrounded by the Mexicans,” Colbert said.

After that, Colbert proposed a solution to the crisis, saying if the men are serious about staying there as long as it takes, they might as well turn the refuge into a habitat for “confused, fragile, heavily armed creatures need somewhere to live where civilization won’t upset them.”

They’re clearly endangered, although it’s hard to know exactly how many there are because their camo is so good. Here’s one standing between two bushes, I believe. Sadly, there’s no hope of establishing a breeding program because, frankly, it’s a bit of a sausage fest.

Finally, Colbert concluded that the ‘militia’ must not be very good at planning if they were already putting out requests for food in addition to support from the public.

“What heroic, go-it-alone mountain men have always needed: Go-Gurt, string cheese and Lunchables,” Colbert quipped.

Watch above, via CBS.

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