Colbert Rips Joe Biden’s Name-Dropping Ways: ‘We Get it. You Know Barack Obama’

The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert took a jab at Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden on Wednesday for his name-dropping ways.

Colbert started off by noting that President Donald Trump and Biden were “were super catty about each other” in recent tweets.

He then played a clip of Biden saying this: “Donald Trump, the president of the United States, just spent Saturday night attacking private citizens, using language like ‘Little Donny Deutsch’ and ‘total loser.’ Barack Obama wouldn’t do that. No president would do that. Most teenagers wouldn’t d0 that.”

The comedian then noted that was not the only time Biden dropped Obama’s name and, in his estimation, it seemed Biden liked to talk about Obama even more than Trump.

As evidence, he played a second clip of Biden talking about how his grandkid knew Sasha Obama.

“My granddaughter, who is graduating from high school, and her best friend is Sasha Obama. Afterward— no, they’ve been in school together the whole time. So, Barack and I and Jill and the whole family, we got together afterwards to have a little light lunch and dinner for the families that all these these girls grew up together with,” Biden said in the clip.

“We get it. You know Barack Obama,” Colbert quipped after the clip ended, drawing laughs and applause.  “We understand. We concede that. At this point, you should change your slogan to “Biden 2020: Obama 2012!”

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