Colbert Rips Trump For Botching Birth Date On Absentee Ballot: We Need a ‘Long-Form Birth Certificate’

On Friday night, Stephen Colbert mocked the Trump family for their various failures in voting in the New York City mayoral election.

According to a recent report from Newsweek, President Trump and several members of his family botched their absentee ballots in last month’s election. Trump himself reportedly got his own birth date wrong.

“‘I can’t remember when I was born,” Colbert impersonated the president. “‘I demand that I release my long-form birth certificate. I think I was born in Kenya. That’s what I’m hearing. People are telling me. It’s got to be.'”

The report notes that Trump was born on June 14, 1946, but he incorrectly put down July instead.

“So he made himself a full month younger. Watch out, ladies!” Colbert joked. “Seriously, watch out. He’s a monster. Don’t go near him. He’ll grab you.”

The Late Show host poked fun at First Lady Melania Trump for writing in “USA” under “county” and failing to sign the inner envelope and Ivanka Trump, who reportedly didn’t even mail her absentee ballot until Election Day. Colbert chided her for “not knowing how mail works.”

Jared Kushner reportedly failed to send his ballot in at all.

“It’s too bad,” Colbert reacted. “It might have been his last chance because I don’t think they let you vote in prison.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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