Colbert Roasts Trump for Lashing Out at Wind: Listening to POTUS ‘Might Cause Brain Damage’

Late Show host Stephen Colbert is not buying President Donald Trump’s concerns for birds and windmills. And he certainly isn’t buying Trump’s claim windmill noise causes cancer.

Speaking of the president’s appearance at a fundraiser this week where he made his windmill claims, Colbert quipped, “Trump turned to America’s number one threat: Wind.” 

The Late Show host also noted the president mourned the loss of “poor birds” that lost their lives due to windmills danger.

“It’s like a graveyard for birds,” Trump opined in the clip of the fundraiser then played by Colbert referring to the land under windmills.   “It’s a cemetery, we’ll put a little statue for the poor birds.”

In response to Trump’s words, Colbert flashed a picture of Trump eating fried chicken.

“Yes, it’s true, Donald Trump grieves for the birds,” Colbert quipped.  “Here he is attending a wake for a beloved chicken. The funeral was open-bucket. ‘Rest in 12-piece.’”

Finally, turning to Trump’s claim the noise from windmills causes cancer, Colbert joked, “Of course windmills cause cancer…That’s why everyone in Holland is dead.”

The comedian then said while noise does not cause cancer,  “I believe listening to Donald Trump might cause brain damage.”

Watch above, via CBS


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