Colbert Compares Trump’s Embrace of Macron to Melania: They ‘Performed the Kama Sutra Together’


Late Night had a blast with President Donald Trump’s day galavanting with his French counterpart Emanuel Macron, and Stephen Colbert dedicated a monologue to breaking down the pair’s awkward display.

Trump and Macron were on camera from morning to night on Tuesday, kicking off with an arrival ceremony jam packed with awkward handshakes, to a joint presser with awkward kisses, and culminating in a lavish state dinner with awkward embraces.

Colbert started off with the state dinner between Trump and Macron — who he described as a “home-wrecking masseur”:

“It is Trump’s first state dinner, and in a major departure from tradition, Trump will not invite Democrats or the media. It’s true, none of those people are invited. If he doesn’t like you, you will not be there. Better luck next time, vegetables — they’re serving tacos tonight.”

Colbert went on to mock Trump’s attempts to kiss his wife Melania, whose immense hat thwarted his efforts.

“That was not an isolated awkward incident between these two lovebirds,” Colbert said, playing a close up (and excruciating) clip of the president trying to hold the first lady’s hand in vain.

“You can’t blame her though,” Colbert noted. “She watches 60 Minutes, she knows where that hand has been.”

There was also the moment Trump — in a power move? playful display of affection? — picked a piece of dandruff off of Macron’s suit jacket and declared, “we have to make him perfect.”

“Mr. President, Macron is still standing next to you, smiling, after hanging out with you for two days,” Colbert said. “That’s not dandruff — that’s cocaine.”

The Late Show host ended with a comparison of Trump and Melania’s embrace with the president and his French counterpart, stating, “compared to holding hands with Melania, him and Macron just performed the kamasutra together.”

“Which one is he married to again?”

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