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Colbert: Rush Limbaugh Apologized Because He ‘Will Do Anything With His Mouth for Cash’

Colbert: Rush Limbaugh 'Will Do Anything With His Mouth for Cash'

On Monday’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert spoke with his audience about what was undoubtedly “the most important issue to voters this year” — contraception, and Rush Limbaugh‘s controversial remarks about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke.

“Of course — you call one woman you’ve never met a slut and a prostitute and demand that she post an internet gang-bang tape, and suddenly the lamestream media is jumping down your throat — if there were room in there with all that ham,” Colbert snarked.

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Colbert played clips of how the GOP presidential candidates responded, and zinged Mitt Romney over his response to Limbaugh that “it’s not the language I would have used.”

“Yes, slut and prostitute is not the language Mitt would have used,” Colbert deadpanned. “He might have used ‘trollop’ or ‘wanton harlot’ or ‘bowlegged dumpster skank.'”

He observed that in the wake of hemorrhaging advertisers, Limbaugh did “the unthinkable” and apologized.

“I will tell you, I don’t think Rush should have apologized for calling her a prostitute. I mean, it takes one to know one! And, remember, he only apologized to keep his advertisers, proving Rush will do anything with his mouth for cash!”

Watch Colbert’s take on the Limbaugh controversy below via Comedy Central:

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