Colbert Stands by Duck Dynasty Star: ‘We Are All Phil Robertson’

Stephen Colbert just couldn’t end his final show of 2013 without weighing in on the all-consuming Duck Dynasty scandal. Unsurprisingly, Colbert decided to defend Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality and race. But unlike some other “conservative” commentators, Colbert went one step further by strapping on a fake beard and declaring, “Tonight, we are all Phil Robertson.”

“This is a terrible day for Americans,” Colbert said, “though admittedly, a pretty good day for ducks.” The host could admit that Robertson’s comment about his preference for “a vagina” over “a man’s anus” was not “the eloquent speech you might expect from a backwoods Louisiana bird murderer,” but said “he does have a point.” As Colbert pointed out, it’s right there in The Bible:

“Tonight we are all Phil Robertson,” Colbert said. “I tell you who I feel sorry for, folks: A&E. With this controversy, they may have just lost Duck Dynasty’s massive black and gay audience.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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