Colbert Suggests Money-Strapped Democrats Install A ‘Change We Can Believe In’ Tip Jar On Obama’s Desk

On his show Wednesday, host Stephen Colbert took a look at the rather descriptively-named “First National Romney Victory Leadership Retreat.” Colbert admired the confidence behind the name, adding that he can scarcely wait for this weekend’s “Mitt Romney’s Hoe-Down & Presidential Library Fundraiser.” It promises to be a real hoot and/or holler.

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The Deer Valley Resort retreat, Colbert explained, is for those donors who gave $50,000 or more to Romney’s campaign, or who managed to raise at least $250,000 towards his election efforts. Smaller donors will likely find themselves riding at the back of a tandem bike.

But while the GOP is enjoying big donors, the best the Democrats can hope for is that their fundraising efforts and National Convention are not “a disaster.” Oh, he suggested, there’s always this idea: Placing a tip jar reading “Change we can believe in” right on the President’s desk.

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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