Colbert Takes Dig At G.W. Bush: Presidents Don’t Spike Football, They Do End Zone Dances On Aircraft Carriers

On The Colbert Report Tuesday, Stephen Colbert “lashed out” at President Obama for “spiking the football” about killing Osama bin Laden in a new campaign ad.

“I just think that boasting that he personally killed bin Laden is un-presidential, and I’m not alone,” Colbert opined.

Colbert then played clips of no less than 6 different Fox News guests and personalities who repeated the same talking point.

  • “President Obama ia bragging about the bin Laden raid. Is this spiking the football?”
  • “The President is spiking the ball.”
  • “President Obama is taking another opportunity to spike the bin Laden football.”
  • “He is spiking the football.”

“Exactly!” said Colbert. “Presidents don’t spike the football. You do an end zone dance on an aircraft carrier even if you never found the football!”

Colbert then played footage of President George W. Bush declaring “Mission Accomplished” aboard an aircraft carrier during the Iraq war.

“I believe that was aboard the USS Humility,” Colbert added.

Watch Colbert lament Obama’s bin Laden football spiking below via Comedy Central:

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