Colbert Takes On Fox News’ Dismissal Of Poll Results: Yeah, Too Soon. We’ve Yet To See ‘AquaRomney.’

Last night, Stephen Colbert turned his attention to the latest National Journal poll showing Obama leading Romney by seven points — and to several Fox News personalities’ dismissal of these poll results, saying they don’t even matter until the debates begin.

“The Romney campaign is only on their third reboot since the convention,” said Colbert. “We’ve had business man Romney, foreign policy Romney. Latino Romney. But we still haven’t seen AquaRomney. He uses his mental powers to tell fish that 47 percent of them are just lampreys.”

“So, conservatives, just forget about the polls,” Colbert advised. “It is way too soon to start mourning the death of the Romney campaign. And I am not in denial here. Because that would mean I am starting the five stages of grief. And I am not! Ooo, that makes me so angry!” he said, before bargaining, crying, and finally reaching acceptance. Sort of.

Check it on out, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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