Colbert Takes On ‘King Gun Snatcher’ Obama For ‘Shredding’ Constitution: ‘America Is Finished’

Colbert Takes On 'King Gun Snatcher' Obama: 'America Is Finished'

President Obama recently “shredded the Constitution and anointed himself King Gun Snatcher the Magnificent.” And he isn’t fooling anyone, Stephen Colbert informed. Taking us through the president’s recent announcement about his gun control proposals, Colbert presented the cold, hard truth: “America is finished.”

“The president should focus on strengthening the policies we know are keeping us safe,” Colbert argued. For example: Making sure nobody brings tweezers onto an airplane.

But Obama knew it was difficult — so he used children! Used them as “human shields,” Rush Limbaugh characterized it, mockingly crying. Colbert called out the manipulation.

“Oh, ‘Boo hoo, I want a pony, I wanna go to Disneyland, I wanna wake to see another day, boo hoo,'” he quipped. “Grow up! Oh, ‘I want to grow up!'”

As Fox News’ Steve Doocy noted, why aren’t these children writing to the president about cutting spending instead of discussing guns?

“Yeah,” Colbert concurred, “why aren’t kids writing to the president about long-term restructuring about government debt?”

Always asking the important questions, that one.

Watch below, via Comedy Central:

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