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Colbert Talks About Trump’s ‘Race War Themed Reality Show’ Plans: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert detailed how President Donald Trump planned to pit an all-black Apprentice team against an all-white and blonde team back in 2005.

The plans, which Trump recounted on the Howard Stern show, never actually materialized. However, the details of Trump’s proposal were recently uncovered thanks to uncovered audio of Stern’s show.

Flashing the Business Insider’s story of Trump’s proposed show, which is based on a recently unearthed recording, Colbert started off by saying “Donald Trump has always been a racist.”

He then noted that Trump, in his estimation, “really believed” in his plan to pit a white team against a black team.

As proof, the Late Show host then played a clip of Trump saying this to Stern: “It would be nine blacks against nine whites, all highly educated very smart strong, beautiful people.”

“You’ve got to hand it to Trump: Even when he’s suggesting something horrible, he’s still superficial,” Colbert quipped.

Colbert next pointed out Trump’s scheme also involved making all the whites blonde.

“When Stern asked about the details, Trump affirmed that while there would be a mix of light-skinned and dark-skinned black contestants, the white team would consist solely of people with blonde hair,” Colbert said.

“Are you kidding me? He was planning a race war-themed reality show and somehow made it more offensive?” Colbert then remarked before noting producer Mark Burnett didn’t let the racially segregated Apprentice happen in 2005.

Instead, Colbert said, Burnett “saved it for Survivor in 2006.”

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