Stephen Colbert Tears Into Mitt Romney’s Factory-Closing Joke

On Thursday night, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert observed that Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney finally has found a way to connect with the common man, singling out the candidate’s controversial joke about his dad closing a factory in Michigan. “Good stuff!” Colbert zinged. “It’s like he’s on the Blue Collar Comedy tour, if the comedy was about losing blue collar jobs.”

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Colbert continued to heap praise upon Romney for his factory-closing based humor.

“I say Mitt should skip the stump speeches and do a tight 15 at the Laugh Factory right before shutting it down and moving production overseas.”

Colbert even attempted to replicate Romney’s knack for the factory closing humor genre with his own stand-up routine, in hopes of giving the former Massachusetts Governor some material to use while on the stump.

Watch Colbert take on Romney’s joke below, via Comedy Central:

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