Colbert Responds to Trump Trashing ‘One-Sided’ Late Night Shows: I Make Fun of POTUS ‘From… Every… Angle’


On Wednesday, Stephen Colbert called President Donald Trump out for his morning tweetstorm that included a quote from Jay Leno — taken from Fox & Friends — claiming late night shows are “one-sided.”

Leno actually appeared on NBC News but Trump saw the clip on Fox & Friendscomplete with a Colbert slam from Brian Kilmeade — early Wednesday morning.

Noting Trump’s source, Colbert began: “Trump has had a lot of tweets going out today, starting with whatever was on Fox & Friends. This time, it was the friends deliberately taking a Jay Leno quote out of context. And Trump took their out-of-context quote out of context, tweeting: ‘Jay Leno points out that comedy– on the very boring late-night shows– is totally one-sided. It’s tough when there’s only one topic, @fox and friends.'”

The Late Show host then added: “Okay, let me stop right there. The comedy I do is not one-sided. I can make fun of the president. From… Every… Angle.”

The audience erupted.

He also pointed out that Trump followed up that tweet with two more in rapid succession.

Then, after pointing out the scientific explanation is that the seconds between the two tweets is “the exact moment when America became great,” Colbert showed what was airing on Fox News at the time.

It was an Arby’s commercial for fish sandwiches.

Watch above, via CBS

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