Colbert Blasts Trump’s Attacks on the Media: He’s ‘More Afraid of Jake Tapper Than Kim Jong Un’


Stephen Colbert slammed President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the widespread bomb scares that targeted high-profile Democrats and CNN.

After joking that pipe bombs are appearing in more mailboxes than “J.Crew catalogs,” Colbert mocked the president for remarks he made at his rally in Wisconsin, taking aim at his call for civility by urging those in the political arena “must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective.”

“So you’re deleting your Twitter account?” Colbert asked the president.

He then blasted Trump for touting how “nice” he was being towards his political opponents during the rally, asking the crowd if they have “ever seen this?”

“Yes, I used to see presidents do that all the time,” Colbert reacted, “before we elected a guy who is more afraid of Jake Tapper than Kim Jong Un.”

The Late Show host also ripped the president for condemning the media’s angry tone, adding that he should “take some responsibility for what he says,” especially since the Chinese are reportedly listening in on his conversations.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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