Colbert Urges ‘Courage To Stay Scared Sh*tless’: We Already Had NSA Debate And ‘Surrendered Our Rights’

The news cycle is all NSA surveillance coverage all the time nowadays — but Stephen Colbert observed on Tuesday night that the spirited debate we’re having is actually quite an old one. We already “surrendered our rights” under the previous administration, he reminded. But we must manage to muster the “courage to stay scared shitless.”

Thanks to “professional blabbermouth” Glenn Greenwald, we now know that the government may have accessed servers of big tech companies (which the companies themselves have denied) via a program called PRISM. But really, the “betrayal” is all thanks to “nerd trying to look like a cool guy trying to look like a nerd” Edward Snowden.

Colbert explained, however, that there’s one thing that bothers him about this surveillance: It’s happening on President Obama’s watch and “earning him high praise from conservatives.” Resenting Obama’s clear attempt to get Colbert on his side, Colbert threw a bit of a tantrum — complete with a slamming door — before returning to his desk.

As Obama said, it’s a “debate worth having,” Colbert agreed, “the moment we found out about it in 2006.” We already had this debate and “surrendered our rights back when we were properly in the grip of fear,” he reminded. “We’ve got to dig down deep and somehow find the courage to stay scared shitless.”

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