Colbert Will Not Let Himself Be ‘Out-Outraged’ on Donald Sterling

While Jon Stewart decided to breeze past Donald Sterling’s NBA ban last night and instead focus on Sarah Palin’‘s “consequence-free speech,” Stephen Colbert drove the final nail into the L.A. Clippers owner’s already closed coffin. Colbert spent the first segment of his show laying into Sterling in a desperate attempt not to be “out-outraged” by the rest of the pundit class.

Colbert began by refreshing his audience’s “outrage” by playing audio of Sterling’s racist comments. “Black people can’t attend his games?” Colbert asked in disgust. “I am shocked that Sterling would perpetuate the cruel stereotype that white people are genetically superior at basketball spectating.”

“As a life-long believer in looking not racist, I will not be out-outraged,” Colbert continued. So he not only condemned Sterling’s racist comments, but also the ones where he told his mistress she could sleep with black people. “I’m sorry, but whatever happened to the sanctity of traditional infidelity?” he asked.

Colbert also applauded NBA commissioner Adam Silver for banning Sterling from the league for life, wondering, “Who knows how many months that might be?”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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