Colbert Wonders if Rove’s Obsession with Hillary’s Health Stems from ‘Serious Brain Injury’

“I’m just asking questions,” Stephen Colbert insisted last night while covering Karl Rove’s allegations that Hillary Clinton might have a “traumatic brain injury” that would impede her ability to President all over the place.

Colbert agreed that the evidence was strongly in Rove’s favor: after spending 30 days three days in the hospital to treat a concussion, Hillary was back on the hill, “exhibiting some very strange behavior during her Benghazi testimony: she had a mastery of the facts, and an unshakeable confidence, all while wearing those stupid glasses.

“I mean, they’re like orthopedic shoes for your face,” he fumed. “You’d have to be brain-damaged to wear those. Or nearsighted.”

But when he noticed that Rove actually thought that Clinton spent 30 days in the hospital instead of three, Colbert began to wonder if Rove himself had traumatic brain damage, too: “For some reason, he is protecting his skull with a thick cushion of meat.”

Watch below via Comedy Central:

[Image via screenshot]

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