Colbert’s Ballad About Bundy Interrupted by Embarrassing Fact: ‘Nothing Rhymes with Negro’

Stephen Colbert last night lamented the fact that he hadn’t professed his love for Cliven Bundy, like his fellow conservative pundits had for weeks before, and decided to make up for it by singing a country ballad about the brave rancher standing up for his land rights. It went great, until he got interrupted by Bundy’s controversial comments about slavery.

“Unfortunately, nothing rhymes with ‘negro,'” he muttered.

But the lack of rhyme scheme didn’t stop Colbert from supporting him: “Bundy just wants what is best for everyone. And for some people, that is slavery.”

He also praised Sean Hannity for continuing to support Bundy, and bringing him into the national consciousness: “Thanks to your non-stop supportive coverage of Bundy, now whenever people think of folks who have insight into ‘the negro,’ they’ll think of Sean Hannity. I mean, these two go together like Ku and Klux.”

Watch below via Comedy Central:

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