Colbert’s Final ‘Word’ Reflects on How Far America Hasn’t Come in Nine Years

Stephen Colbert‘s final “The Word” segment was his swan song, in which he proved that, yes, he did change the world.

“I’m not here to brag about having changed the world,” he told his audience. “I did something much harder than change the world. Folks, I samed the world.”

A proud Colbert boasted that, since his show aired in 2005, nothing has changed: “Another Bush governor is running for the White House. People on TV are defending torture. We are sending troops into Iraq. And just take the NBA championships, both in 2005 and 2014 — I had to look up who won.

And, now that the Colbert Report is over, Colbert bragged that, indeed, he’d brought a revolution:
“Because technically, one revolution is 360 degrees right back to where we were.”

Watch below via Comedy Central:

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