comScore Colbert’s New Late Show Gag Channels ‘This Week in God’

Colbert’s New Late Show Gag Channels ‘This Week in God’


Late Show host Stephen Colbert introduced a new segment during Monday night’s episode, “Stephen Colbert Gets All Up In Your Faith.” The religiously-themed segment is yet another addition to the post-David Letterman late night program at CBS, but Daily Show and Colbert Report fans will recognized it as something much older.

That’s because “Stephen Colbert Gets All Up In Your Faith” is the direct descendant of Colbert’s “This Week in God,” a popular segment he did as a correspondent for Jon Stewart‘s The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Back then, Colbert would satirically attempt to deconstruct various world religions and faith-based news stories from the Christian standpoint of his pundit character.

Now that The Late Show host is trying to play himself on broadcast television, the new segment introduces a brand new concept to the old gag — honesty. Sure, Colbert offers plenty of comedy — like when he wishes his Jewish viewers a happy Rosh Hashanah, and his gentile audience a Happy National Eat a Hoagie Day — but he uses the platform to discuss current events in world religions with the intent to educate. Or, at least he tries to.

For its inaugural edition, Colbert reviews Buddhism for “Get All Up In Your Faith” — especially the news from March that, because of the political tension between China and Tibet, the 14th Dalai Lama might not reincarnate. Again, lots of jokes here and there, but it’s fun to watch the host try really, really hard to be himself with old-ish material.

Plus, The Colbert Report‘s desk gag makes its triumphant return. You’ll know it when you see it.

Check out the clip below, via CBS:

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