Colin Powell: Killing NPR Or The Arts Won’t Solve America’s Deficit Problems

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell appeared on CNN‘s State of the Union and told Candy Crowley that when searching for types of federal spending to cut, there is no reason why the military’s budget should not be looked at as we draw down from both Afghanistan and Iraq. Powell also warned that the only way to seriously tackle the deficit issue is by coming up with a plan to fix social security, Medicare and Medicaid, but neither party is addressing the issue.

Powell was eager to throw cold water on politically popular talking points that don’t really have much financial significance:

“You can’t fix the deficit or the national debt by killing NPR or the national endowment for the humanities or the arts – nice political chatter, but that doesn’t do it.”

And Powell also dismissed the Republican idea of freezing spending at 2008 levels:

“Don’t tell me you’re going to freeze to a level. That usually is a very inefficient way of doing it. Tell me what you’re going to cut, and nobody up there yet is being very, very candid about what they are going to cut to fix this problem.”

To many observers, Powell has become predictably non-partisan so many of these comments shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, yet with Republicans still not specifically revealing where they want to cut spending, such pointed criticism is likely to continue.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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