Colin Quinn on PC Culture: Get Outraged About Actual Racism, Not Jokes

colin quinnComedian Colin Quinn has a new book out with a pretty blunt title: The Coloring Book: A Comedian Solves Race Relations in America. Quinn’s goal is to get people talking about race topics that have been considered off-limits or taboo, and having fun with certain ethnic stereotypes.

In an interview with Dean Obeidallah for The Daily Beast, Quinn has some thoughts about the PC way people react to anything race-related.

Like Jerry Seinfeld, Quinn believes people are way too politically correct, but says it’s not really a recent phenomenon. “Now people are outraged over any ‘buzzword’ that they think is offensive,” he says, “which has led to George Orwell version of ‘groupthink’ that demands conformity.”

Quinn elaborates:

Quinn noted that “while the language is being sanitized, feelings haven’t changed. And that is the problem with the ‘groupthink’ mentality where we can’t say certain things because some will be offended.” He added: “We should be more outraged over racist behavior, not over a joke about race that is clearly not intended to demonize any group but to raise issues about the racial divide.”

When Quinn was on Fox & Friends this morning, he was again asked about Seinfeld’s comments. You can watch the ensuing discussion below, via Fox News:

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