Colombian Prostitute Gives Video Interview, Regrets Calling Police On Secret Service Agent

Dania Suarez, the Colombian prostitute in the center of the scandal that had encircled the Secret Service for the past month, has finally spoken out. She gave an interview that was broadcast on Colombian radio and television. In it she said that she saw documents in the agent’s room but that none of them referenced President Obama. She knows this because, had she known the agent was connected to the Secret Service, she never would have called the police when he didn’t pay her the next morning as the ensuing international incident has “brought a lot of trouble into [her] life.”

Suarez told the interviewer that the agent had been drinking but was not drunk and that she assumed he was a military official. She said that, when he didn’t pay her the $800 she was due the next morning, other agents gathered $200 when she threatened to call the authorities.

Most interesting, she explained that the Secret Service has yet to contact her during their investigation. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, reporting on the interview, joked that they were probably just too afraid to have her number on their phones.

Watch the report from Fox News with translated footage of the interview below:

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