Colombian Prostitute Tells Today Show Secret Service Agents Were ‘Stupid Brutes’

On the Today Show Monday, NBC News’ Michelle Kosinski spoke with Dania Suarez, the Colombian prostitute at the center of the Secret Service sex scandal.

Suarez called the Secret Service agents “stupid brutes” which “put extreme partying ahead of the President’s security.”

“Were they shy about asking for sex or were they very direct about it?” Kosinski asked Suarez.

“Very direct,” Suarez explained. “I will say too direct.” She then added that their approach and lack of shyness made her think they were “used to doing this.”

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“These seem like completely stupid, idiotic people,” she added. “I don’t know how Obama had them in his security force.”

Suarez told Kosinski that there was no confusion over how much the agent owed her, saying she had gestured $800, not $80 or 80 cents.

“And he accepted. And it was clear,” she said.

The next morning, the agent told Suarez to stay, but she rebuffed him and told him to give her the money.

“He told me, ‘Stay here. Stay, my love,'” she said. “Told him no. I told him to give me my money. That I was going home.”

“Was he angry?” Kosinski asked.

“Very angry,” Suarez said.

Watch the interview below via NBC:

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