Colorado Gov. To CNN: ‘Video Games’ May Be The Reason ‘Assault Weapons Are Used’ In Mass Shootings

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper told CNN anchor Candy Crowley Sunday that the “level of violence in media” and “video games” may be the reason assault weapons are used in mass shootings.

In a discussion about America’s mental health system, Crowley and asked Hickenlooper whether the “culture of guns” creates a situation in which gun crimes are inevitable. “There is very little you can do to stop a determined person, do you feel that way,” Crowley asked.

Hickenlooper agreed wholeheartedly, and said we need to have “more people paying attention and trying to detect folks that are unstable” or “on the verge of real trouble.”

He went on to say our violent culture, including the “depiction of assault weapons again and again” in video games and the media contributes to gun crimes. The governor also suggested that the criminals might, in their minds, “become part of the video games” when they carry out these tragic crimes.

Watch the full clip below, via CNN:

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