‘Come On!’ Megyn Kelly Goes Off on Trump for Swiping at Hispanic Judge’s Ethnicity

megynMegyn Kelly got a little incredulous with a Donald Trump supporter tonight who was offering justifications for the presumptive GOP nominee attacking the judge in the Trump University case by specifically mentioning he’s “Mexican.”

Kelly started out by saying, “Wrong, he is American.” (And this isn’t the first time Trump’s made insinuations of this nature about this judge…)

Ben Shapiro said there’s plenty of legitimate grounds for Trump to criticize Judge Gonzalo Curiel without resorting to ethnic attacks. Trump supporter David Wohl insisted Trump just threw out a “non-sequitur.”

Kelly asked, “Why does he keep mentioning it over and over when he rips on this judge?” Wohl pointed to President Obama publicly calling out the Supreme Court, which Kelly and Shapiro found an odd justification.

Kelly told Wohl that “to go after the judge as a, quote, ‘Mexican’ and ‘hater’ takes it to another level.” When Wohl said his next sentence was about loving Mexicans, Kelly cried, “Come on!”

She said he was clearly “going after the guy’s ethnicity, and he does it every time!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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