Comedian Tries to Send Westboro Baptist Church to Iraq; Donates to Charity Instead

As hilarious as it would have been for Australian comedian Adam Hills to send the Westboro Baptist Church to Iraq for picketing Robin Williams‘s funeral, as he proposed a few weeks ago on his show, he realized quickly that it wouldn’t be a good idea, for two reasons.

The first reason was fairly obvious: the US and UK governments told him not to, as they weren’t “too happy about [The Last Leg] sending professional shit-stirrers into a war zone.” But the second reason was more sobering: Hills quickly realized that he was playing directly into the WBC’s publicity-whoring hands. “Just when I thought that maybe these people might be getting off on the publicity of it all,” Hills said, “they tweeted this: ‘Wow! Entire Australian media is publishing God Hates Fags. #win.'”

So instead of inadvertently helping the Westboro Baptist Church spread their message of hate, Hills took the higher ground, and donated $100,000 to one of Williams’s favorite charities, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, exhorting his fans to do the same. “Not only will it help out a child, it will really piss off a bigot.”

Watch below via Channel 4 Australia:

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