Comedy Central Airs Santa Claus Saying Uncensored C-Word in South Park Season Finale


South Park had to pack a LOT of stuff into their show last night to tie up all the loose ends in their season finale, but easily, one of the most remarkable things that happened was that they got to say the the c-word uncensored and on air.

For those who don’t watch the show, the 22nd season ended with a two-part episode about how Jeff Bezos is using his newest Amazon Fulfillment Center to take control of South Park, but is met with resistance after his workers strike. This has a disastrous impact on the cartoon town’s businesses, so no one’s really sure what to do to get ready for the local bike parade and buy Christmas presents.

At one point, the day seems to be saved when Santa Claus comes to town to deliver toys. He tells the townspeople he’d be happy to help them out, but first, he asks to see Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo.

Unfortunately for Saint Nick, Mr. Hankey was driven out of South Park earlier in the season after the townspeople got fed up with his Ambient-fueled offensive tweets about them. Upon being informed of this, Santa angrily gets back in his sleigh and tells the town “have fun sucking Jeff Bezos’s dick, you bunch of cunts” before flying away.

One more thing people might find interesting is that the show seemed to make a brief comment about President Trump after pretty much ignoring him throughout the season. When the bike parade ends up happening at the end of the episode, Trump substitute Mr. Garrison is wearing handcuffs as he watches it in front of the South Park Police Station.

Watch above, via Comedy Central.

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