Comey Rips Trump For Saying Russia Claims Shouldn’t Have Been Investigated: Imagine if Iran Helped Elect Obama…


Speaking with NBC’s Lester Holt on Wednesday, former FBI Director James Comey stressed that even if the name involved in the investigation interference were switched around and was Barack Obama instead of Donald Trump, it still should have been investigated.

“The president says this should never, ever again happen to an American president. What do you think about that?” Holt asked.

Comey offered this hypothetical.

“Close your eyes. Again, change the names. Let me make one up for you,” Comey began.

He then continued on “This is totally made up. The Iranians interfere in the election to help elect Barack Obama because they think they’ll get a better nuclear deal from him. And during that election an Obama aide meets with the Iranians and talks about the dirt they have that will help Obama get elected. And the FBI finds out about that. We should not investigate that?”

Then adding to his made-up, hypothetical he said: “And then President Obama’s national security adviser lies to the FBI about his contacts with the Iranians, and then the President, Obama, asks me to drop an investigation of that and then fires me and says, I was thinking of the Iranian thing and then he invites the mullahs to the Oval Office and tells them, that FBI director was a real nutjob, I lifted a lot of pressure by firing him.”

Comey then said this: “Who on Earth doesn’t think the FBI should investigate that in the hypocrisy is revealed just by changing the names. The FBI did what it absolutely had to do. The American people should be glad it’s there and proud of it and the rest is just lying and noise.”

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