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Comey Says Trump’s Attacks on Law Enforcement Are ‘Deeply Troubling’ After Questioning By House Republicans

Former FBI Director James Comey spoke to reporters after he was questioned by House Republicans as part of an investigation into the Justice Department’s decisions in 2016.

“Two things were clear to me: We could have done this in open setting and, two, when you read the transcript you’ll see that we were talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails, for Heaven’s sake, so I’m not sure we needed to do this at all,” Comey told reporters after meeting with members of the Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

Comey said that after a second round of hearings, “this will all be over.”

The former FBI director was also asked about President Donald Trump targeting his own DOJ.

“The President’s attacks on the Justice Department broadly and the FBI are something that no matter what political party you’re in, you should find deeply troubling and continue to speak out about and not become numb to attacks on the rule of law,” Comey said.

Comey also praised William Barr, Trump’s nominee to serve as attorney general, as “an institutionalist who cares deeply about the integrity of the Justice Department.”

“Bill Barr is a talented person,” Comey added. “I think he’ll serve the Justice Department well.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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