‘Common Sense’: Fox Host Gretchen Carlson Supports Assault Weapons Ban

A Fox News host today came out in favor of reinstating the assault weapons ban after Orlando, making an argument for “common sense” in the gun debate.

“Yes,” Gretchen Carlson said, “the Orlando massacre was terror. But there’s no doubt that Omar Mateen was able to kill so many people because he was firing an AR-15, a military style assault weapon, a weapon easier to buy in the state of Florida than buying a handgun.”

And then she made this nuanced appeal:

“Do we need AR-15s to hunt and kill deer? Do we need them to protect our families? Yes, I’m in favor of people being able to carry. I think some of these mass shootings would have been less deadly if that were the case. But I’m also with the majority today taking a stand. Can’t we hold true the sanctity of the Second Amendment while still having common sense?”

But Carlson did acknowledge most people aren’t on her side. And as of this posting, the poll on her site shows that an overwhelming majority opposes reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Watch above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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