Comparing Libya To Iraq, Howard Kurtz Asks ‘Where Is The Media Skepticism?’

Howard Kurtz, host of Reliable Sources, questioned whether a no fly zone in Libya is really the best policy and whether it could lead to America being involved in another prolonged war? Even more significantly though, Kurtz wondered why it seemed many others in both print and television media were not expressing the same skepticism?

Kurtz explained that this drumbeat for action in Libya is a tune he finds familiar:

“Sometimes something is lost in that initial excitement – reminds me of eight years ago, this very weekend when ‘shock and awe’ was reined now upon Baghdad and the media utterly failed to ask skeptical questions. . . . Everybody in the media said this wouldn’t happen again – we screwed up on Iraq, we got sucked up in a rush to war. And I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad decision, Gaddafi is an odious fellow, but I think we need to be doing more challenging.”

The panel of guests mostly agreed with Kurtz as Fred Francis suggested the media is exhausted running around the world covering so many international stories and producing “shallow coverage” as a result. Rome Hartman disputed that it is the role of a journalist to argue for or against a policy, but seemed hopeful that in the coming days the questioning of the policy by the media will become tougher.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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