Competitor in Jacksonville Video Game Tournament Tweets From Shooting, Escapes Alive


Drini Gjoka is a 19-year-old gamer who was competing on behalf of CompLexity Gaming at the Madden Football video game tournament at a gaming bar at the Jacksonville Landing entertainment and shopping complex in Jacksonville, Florida. He was playing at the time of this morning’s mass shooting, which resulted in multiple fatalities.

Thankfully, Gjoka is relatively unharmed after his thumb was “grazed” by one of the shooter’s bullets. He tweeted from the scene.

He talked about the shot to this thumb.

But it is more than the physical pain. The terror and trauma, of course, also greatly wounded the young man.

The CEO of CompLexity Gaming, Jason Lake, is asking media to leave the teen alone to cope with the moment, and to contact the company or Lake directly for comment.

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