‘Complete Bullsh*t!’: Explosive CNBC Segment Between Rival Investors Devolves Into Personal Attacks, Accusations

When you think of “cable news shouting match,” you generally think of networks like Fox News and MSNBC. Today, however, CNBC had hedge-fund investor Bill Ackman and activist investor Carl Icahn to duke it out on air… and boy, did they.

The pair have been feuding for roughly a decade (stemming from a deal involving a real estate company), most recently over Herbalife, a health supplement that Ackman bet against (“shorted”) and insists is a pyramid scheme. Icahn is said to take the opposite position, but has not disclosed it. During the segment, which very quickly strayed from that topic and devolved into name-calling and insults, Icahn called him a “crybaby.”

“I went to a tough school in Queens you know and they used to beat up the little Jewish boys,” Icahn said. “He was like one of the little Jewish boys crying.”

Ackman, on the other hand, deemed Icahn a “bully” who “thought of me as roadkill on the hedge fund highway.” Wanting to defend his reputation, Ackman also said it wasn’t a “great use of CNBC’s air time.”

Asked for his stance on Herbalife, Icahn said he refused to be “bullied,” that he’ll talk about whatever he wants. “As far as I’m concerned, this guy is a major loser,” he said of Ackman. (Conversely, Ackman called Icahn a great investor, with Icahn replying, “unfortunately I cannot say the same.”)

At one point, after snapping at host Scott Wapner to “let me finish what the hell I want to say,” continued on to assert, about Ackman, “He talks about charity. That’s complete bullshit!” Wapner, reminding him they were live, noted, “That was an interesting choice of words.” (In the background, you can hear traders’ “Ohhh!”)

The attacks continued on with more “bullshit” and “bullying” and awed traders in the background. Business Insider has a good play-by-play for those familiar with the feud.

Videos of both the full segment and “bullshit” moment are below. Worth a watch.

Here’s the clip of Icahn shouting “bullshit” on live TV, via CNBC:

Here’s the full segment, via CNBC:

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