Conan, Colbert, and the Rest of Late Night Tackle Celeb Nude Photo Hacking


The hosts of late night returned last night to tackle the rather sensitive story of celebrity nude photos getting hacked and posted online. Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel all wrung some humor out of this pretty messed-up situation.

O’Brien, first off, exacted some vengeance on the hacker by showing off some of his most embarrassing (and yes, nude) photos. Don’t worry, though, it’s been censored… sort of (via TBS):

Kimmel, meanwhile, got a little more serious with his take, starting off by saying, “I think you can tell how good or bad a person you are based on how many seconds you wait to Google ‘Jennifer Lawrence nude’ after hearing the news. Anything under 60 [seconds] you’re going to hell.”

He also found it ridiculous for anyone to be arguing celebrities shouldn’t be taking naked pictures that people can steal in the first place. Kimmel argued, “It’s like if you mailed somebody a nude Polaroid, you put a stamp on the letter, and someone at the post office opened the letter and made copies and sent them around to everyone.”

He also made quite a bit of jokes at Apple’s expense (via ABC):

Colbert started out his show last night reporting on the invasion of “Boobistan.” Accompanied by a graphic reading “photos sadly available,” Colbert kept things light and managed to even work in a very strange Sesame Street reference.

He also couldn’t resist zinging HuffPost a bit over its “sideboob” page (via Comedy Central):

And finally, Fallon wasted no time last night, starting off the show with, “Hello, I am your host, former iCloud user Jimmy Fallon.” He applauded the FBI for getting involved, though he did admit this marks “the first time those shirts that say Female Body Inspector are actually right.”

Fallon also dug up some “quotes” from people like Rob Ford and Anthony Weiner weighing in on the issue (via NBC):

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