Conan O’Brien Borrowed The Bugatti, Got The Rolling Stones For Cheap

Sure, it was nice watching Conan stick it to his bosses, spending boatloads of NBC’s cash on a Bugatti Veyron and licensing fees for The Rolling Stones song “Satisfaction.” And when NBC pulled the Conan clip, likely to save money on the insane price tag they would incur if the Stones song streamed online, it seemed like Conan really showed them. But now it’s being reported that he borrowed the car.

Jalopnik has the confirmation that the most expensive car in the world, the star of yesterday’s Tonight Show, was indeed borrowed from the Petersen Automotive Museum. ABC News also has clarifications about the price of “Satisfaction,” noting that “existing agreements between NBC and music licensing companies” might mean the song could be used “at no additional cost for a live or time-delayed performance” and run the network between $25,000 and $50,000 for re-runs or online streaming. Facts ruin jokes, ladies and gentleman.

But hey, let’s see that clip again!

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