Conan O’Brien Does A Four Minute Talk Show From His Office To Promote New Show

You’ve got to hand it to Team Conan, they didn’t have to do any of this. With the absolute media circus that surrounded last year’s Late Night War, TBS could have never shown a single commercial for the new show and it would have still gotten more publicity than a midterm election, a presidential election, and the Second Coming combined. However, they didn’t rest on their laurels and have instead come up with every possible way to promote Conan O’Brien’s new talk show, from a giant Conan blimp to a 24 hour live feed camera in their stairwell. Last night, the advance buzz train continued with an entire four minute talk show, dubbed “Show Zero” and performed in the host’s office.

Keeping with the four minute theme, the entire thing was minimized, with a one joke monologue (not a particularly good one), a band consisting entirely of a picolo, and, hilariously, appearances by guests that lasted about five seconds apiece. Sure, Show Zero didn’t really give us any new information about what the upcoming show is going to look like, but it did further cement a fact we all assumed at this point: it’s clearly a hell of a lot of fun to work on O’Brien’s staff.

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