Conan O’Brien Offers Up An ‘Edgy’ Campaign Ad For Ron Paul

Chances are, you’ve very likely been dreaming about Ron Paul‘s “little shih tzus” ad since it first aired. Well, Conan O’Brien and company have stumbled upon yet another masterpiece of a campaign ad that is sure to tug at your heartstrings and envelop your brain in a gentle… brain hug.

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Kicking babies! Administrating an enema to our bloated national budget! One skrillion dollars in cuts!

And best of all, it’s possibly NSFW because its mentions a certain part the female anatomy / a misogynist put-down for a male of questionable bravery and chutzpah.

Enjoy! Or run in fear! It’s totally your call, American’ts.

Check it out, via TBS:

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