Conan O’Brien On The Election: It’s Up To You, Florida!

As it happens, your humble morning editor hails from the lovely, orange blossom and Funyun-scented state of Florida. And, while it’s true that I was born and raised in the part of the state that’s more the North Caribbean than the American South, I’ve been to many a Krystal Burger outside of Dade County. I’ve eaten gator. I’ve been nearly decapitated by a great blue heron. So I know that Florida is, along with Delaware and Oklahoma, the state with which H8rs most like to have a field day. And, sure, MAYBE our teenage population believes Mountain Dew is a cheap, multi-use form of contraception, but that’s only because we think outside the box… formed by the rest of the continental U.S. And you are all just super jealous.

So, being a Floridian myself, I wasn’t terribly surprised that Conan O’Brien would poke fun at the Sunshine State for his own amusement. Typical upper 47-er. YEAH, BUDDY. READ. MY. TRUCKNUTZ: We’re a swing state and you just can’t handle it.

Behold the wonder, via TBS:

h/t TeamCcoco

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