Conan O’Brien Tells Larry King: There’s Nothing For Me And Jay Leno To Talk About

Tonight Larry King interviews Conan O’Brien to learn what he really thinks about the other late night show hosts. Unfortunately, no juicy details are included in this preview clip, but we do learn he’s friends with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and doesn’t speak to any other hosts. Especially not Jay Leno, since, according to Conan, there is nothing for the two of them to talk about.

Conan jokingly says he realized being on television “is more important to me than my wife and family.” Whether that statement leans closer towards truth or sarcasm is up to viewers to decide. However one interesting revelation is Conan realizing that his new cable show has given him the attitude of “let’s try anything . . . let’s just go for it, I’ve got nothing to lose . . . I think that’s one of the best feelings you can have in comedy.”

Well that feeling is certainly better for comedy than the humorless self-pity tour with which Conan has hopefully completed. Although Conan does seem to be in good spirits here, it seems that a rare interview with Palestinian and Israeli officials is more likely to occur again than would a Conan-Leno truce.

Watch the preview of tonight’s interview from CNN‘s Larry King Live below:

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