Conan O’Brien’s Video Editors Rave About New Final Cut Pro X

Ever the cool kids in class, the gang at Conan have found the funny in a subject You’ll Just Never See On Leno. In case you haven’t been swept up in the uproar over Apple’s latest version of its massively popular video editing software Final Cut Pro, Conan O’Brien set it up for you: “Apple just released a new version of their famous editing software Final Cut Pro, but apparently it’s so different from the last version of Final Cut, video and film editors all over Hollywood are having a hard time adjusting to it.” Ah, but not the whizbang editors at Conan! They love Final Cut Pro X!

The Conan editors went so far as to use the new software to produce a “video statement” supporting Apple–a video riddled with mistakes, screwups and problems that anyone who’s ever tried to use Final Cut will immediately find painfully funny.

Watch it here, from TBS:

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